An Example of my Excellent Parenting

My four-year-old learned how to button his own shirt this morning.

After dressing himself from head-to-toe 100% by himself, he was incredibly proud and came into my room to show me.

“Wow!” I said. “You really are a big boy!”

“Yeah!” he said. “I’m HUGE! Pretty soon I’ll be able to drive the car and sit in the front seat and say, ‘Shit’!”

(In my defense, we live in eastern Massachusetts. I challenge anyone to drive in eastern Mass without swearing.)


  1. Ellery Davies · August 20, 2013

    That’s the funniest Blog post I have read in months!


    • CJ · August 20, 2013

      Well, thanks! And I know you read a lot of blog posts, Ellery!


  2. Cherilyn Michener Reno · August 20, 2013

    Yeah, a day I drive more than 10 miles without saying ‘shit!’ (or worse) is very very rare around here. Especially during construction season.


    • CJ · August 20, 2013

      If people would just stop tailgating, I think I’d be much less swear-y.


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