Reblog from Charlotte was Both: An intuition and an encounter

This is a homeschooling post from Amy Welborn of Charlotte was Both. Her perspective interests me because she had years of experience with her kids in school and then with homeschooling, whereas I’ve just had the latter (and not for all that many years yet). I enjoy reading her viewpoint (I, too, am fascinated by ex-pats), and I really like the metaphor that closes the post.

And the comments are pretty great, too, which is always a treat!

Charlotte was Both

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Here’s my intuition:

Home education is just going to gain more and more traction in the coming years.

That’s really not such a brilliant insight.  The growth is already there, and constant – except when it pops up a bit.

And why is this?

Two reasons.

Parents and children are getting more and more frustrated with institutional schooling, both public and private.

Secondly, homeschooling is getting easier.

(A little easier.  It’s always a challenge, but the Internet has transformed it, making it so much easier to connect with information, classes and other people)

I hesitate to even begin a post like this because the minute I do, my head explodes with a million ideas, concerns and stories, and I end up sitting here for three hours, just meandering.

I’m going to try to not wander down that road, and…

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