Washing, Rinsing, Conversing: Doing Dishes with my Five-Year-Old

Mommy, I still wish I could have one of those superhero flash drives. Maybe I can get one when I’m older.

Sure, when you’re older and you need a flash drive, you can get a superhero flash drive.

There was one that was a cat queen or something. She looked like she had ears and a cape.

That might have been Catwoman. She’s like a cat superhero.

Yes, there’s Batman and Catwoman and the most awesomest one that shoots red blood from his eyes—Superman!

Superman shoots blood from his eyes?

Yes, red blood. He was fighting some green aliens with green horns, and he was shooting from his eyes—it might have been like what comes out of light sabers.

Oh, I got you. Like red lasers?

Yes, red lasers. I think we need to air-dry the rest of these dishes. This one is too big for the towel.

Yes, the cookie sheet is pretty big. Do you want me to help you? Oh, wow! You almost got it all dried! There’s just a little spot here…there! Now I’ll put it away.

Mommy, do you know about the drunkards?

The drunkards?

Yes. They do nothing but drink all the time.

Oh, yes. Drunkards. How did you hear about drunkards?

From The Little Prince.

Oh, yeah. I remember that. You’re quite the listener.

Oh, yes. I’m a very good rememberer. There was a picture of the drunkards and there were bottles of soda all around. Soda that puts sugar on your teeth. Like agave nectar. That’s sugar. But honey is made by bees.

Yes, honey is made by bees, but it’s still got sugar in it.

Yes, because the sweet liquid that’s in it is…pollen.

Actually, nectar is the liquid.

Oh, yes! Nectar is the sweet liquid and pollen is like a powder. There was powder on our car window one time and Sister told me it was pollen. It was a powder and it was the same color as nutritional yeast.

Wow, you are on fire today!

Yes, I’m a very good rememberer.

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