Roy G. Biv

A rainbow of photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. CJ, Did you take all 7 photos above? These are all exceptional gems! What is the blue egg? Is it real? And what are the green peas in the pan–Are they props? How did you achieve the lighting? The swirl and the peas are almost “too perfect”. They appear to be photographed under a studio umbrella flash.

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    1. I did take all of the photos, Ellery, with my point-and-shoot, natural light, and lots of patience.

      The blue egg was in the gutter next to my house. The kids and I decided that it was a robin egg that was broken open and the innards eaten by a blue jay. I was going to save it for a post called “blue” but when this photo challenge came up, I figured I’d use it for this.

      The green things in the pan are from a cooperative board game we have called “The Orchard Game” I think. It has little wooden fruits you try to harvest before the crow eats them all. My son sometimes cooks them on his play kitchen, which is where they are in the photo.

      I’m glad you enjoy the photos. I enjoyed taking them!

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