Weekly Walk 39

Our first summer walk—the week following the solstice—was best described by one word:


The bugs were rampant this week, dive-bombing our heads, trying to fly up our noses, and biting our elbows (which was better, at least, than when one bit me on the behind earlier this week when we were lounging on the beach in Prince Edward Island).

They also visited flowers, like these in-bloom common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), which by our reckoning was more welcome employment.



The river was a little higher this week…


but the creek was much lower.


We saw a new berry (I knew what this was last year, but I can’t remember now).


The corn had begun growing in the field,


and someone had come through and mowed the trail, so we stepped through much less poison ivy than we’ve been tromping through.


We left the trail sweaty and itchy and with plans to bring no-see-um nets on our hike next week.



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