Weekly Walk 44

Six weeks after the summer solstice, and we got to hike in the rain!


It didn’t even put a dent in the drought, but it did raise the level of the river a smidgen.


The kids got to give their new waterproof hiking boots a good test.


The boots did fairly well, except when the puddle jumping got too vigorous. Turns out that if the water goes directly into the top of the boots, your socks are going to get wet no matter how waterproof the boots.


We didn’t get a lot of photos this time. On the way out I was trying to protect the camera from getting too wet, and then on the way back, we were collecting milkweed to bring home for the monarch caterpillars that we expected to arrive in the mail the following day*.

But I did get a couple of photos, like this one of the corn getting taller:


We saw a toad, but it jumped into a patch of poison ivy before we had a chance to photograph (or catch) it. Wet leaves aren’t quite so jumpy:


My son’s birthday is in a few days, so it’s likely that this hike was his last as a six-year-old. It’s possible it might also be his last hike with his two front baby teeth, as if I needed any more reminders that I’ve passed the baby-rearing stage. At least I’ve got some wee caterpillars to coddle for a couple of weeks.

*Turns out we got eggs rather than caterpillars this time, so there was no urgent need for cut milkweed. Check out @imperfecthappiness on Instagram to see some photos and to follow the progress of this summer’s monarch rearing adventure.



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