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Birthday Challenge

I’m planning a thing for my birthday this year. This thing is inspired by Katy Bowman’s 44th birthday challenge. The essence of this thing: walk 10 miles a day for the 45 days leading up to my 45th birthday for a total of 450 miles between October 25 and December 9. There are a few … Continue reading Birthday Challenge

Different Stories

Last weekend, my spouse and I celebrated our twenty-second wedding anniversary, but whether we actually “celebrated” it or not depends on the story we tell. One version of the story is that the kids had orchestra rehearsals all day and the house needed cleaning and I had to teach in the evening, so we didn’t … Continue reading Different Stories

On the “New Normal”

Lately, our theme seems to be “almost normal.” My kids have started going back to in-person orchestra rehearsals, which is “normal” by pre-pandemic standards while being infused with pandemic modifications: everyone wears special masks to allow them to play their instruments while still being masked, brass instruments use bell covers, woodwinds—including the bassoons—have their instruments … Continue reading On the “New Normal”

Bookends: September 2021

With the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this month, I saw two things: a lot of posts and commentary about the sense of unity that existed in the United States in the days following the attacks, and a lot of “This isn’t who we are” in response to racially or ethnically motivated violence. The … Continue reading Bookends: September 2021

Bookends: August 2021

This month, the theme in our family seems to be reinventing ourselves. My teen has asked to be called by a different name and has started exploring personal style via the thrift store, I started a new job teaching in an after school/enrichment program and am going by my middle name there, and my spouse … Continue reading Bookends: August 2021

Bookends: July 2021

July has been a strange month. My spouse was going to go back to work on-site, but Delta variant caused the call-back date to be pushed back a few months. Delta has also necessitated a reevaluation of our perception of our family’s safety vis-à-vis this virus. We’re still moving forward with increasing numbers of in-person … Continue reading Bookends: July 2021


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