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2020: My Year in Books

At the beginning of 2020, I set my Goodreads challenge goal at 52 books, just over half as many books as I read in 2019. I hypothesized that the book-a-week pace would allow me the time to ponder and reflect rather than binge and forget. I envisioned sitting with a notebook and a pen at … Continue reading 2020: My Year in Books

Bookends: December 2020

December brought my pandemic birthday, pandemic Christmas, pandemic New Year’s Eve, and the rain I’ve so anxiously been hoping for. I couldn’t stand rain when I lived in Ohio. A news show out of Cleveland in the late 1990s said that northeast Ohio got only 65 days of sun a year. A quick internet search … Continue reading Bookends: December 2020

Bookends: November 2020

“Thanksgiving has been cancelled.” I heard this multiple times this past month, and it always caused my brow to furrow. Maybe Thanksgiving looked different this year, maybe we had to give second thoughts to gathering in person, but no one cancelled Thanksgiving. It’s strange to me that some people choose to use this kind of … Continue reading Bookends: November 2020

Bookends: October 2020

During the pandemic, when each day seems to blend into the next, I’ve been trying to make holidays and birthdays stand out a little more. This is not an innate skill for me. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or perfectionism or if the thought of putting away and storing all of the decorations is … Continue reading Bookends: October 2020

Dragonfruit Flower

Bookends: September 2020

As I see posts about pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters, the highs for the next few days are at or near 100. Autumn is my favorite season everywhere but San Diego. Here it’s wildfire season, and that’s not as fun as leaves changing color and a nip in the air and apple picking and hay … Continue reading Bookends: September 2020


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