Bookends: September 2016

September was here and gone with more stealth than the LEGO bricks that appear under my feet as I run across the room in an attempt to shoo the retching cat so that he eructs his hairball onto the bare floor. Thankfully, the past month was less unpleasant than cleaning up cat sick from the rug and much less painful than stepping on educational building toys made exclusively of corners (although come to think of it, I did a little of each in the past thirty days). We picked apples, got our first colds of autumn, bought a new toilet, put up two birdbaths, and found a new logic curriculum.

The logic curriculum is a big hit, by the way. My only complaint is that I can no longer talk to anyone without silently noting to myself which logical fallacies my conversational companion is employing. My friend shares an anecdote and “tu quoque” whispers through my mind. As I mentally attempt to bat that one away, “ad hominem” alights on my shoulder. All the while I pray that my face is still fixed in an expression of active interest rather than in a vacant smile.

If I were still of an age and temperament to be interested in excessive alcohol consumption, I would put this new-found superpower to good use and turn the next presidential debate into a logical fallacy drinking game. Since I don’t feel much like having my stomach pumped, I’ll just have to content myself with being a surreptitious ass (albeit kind of a classy ass because I’m judging in Latin and Latin’s classy).

When I wasn’t silently judging the unsound arguments and false premises of my unsuspecting friends and acquaintances this September, I was reading. Here’s some of what I read:

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