Lessons About Self Care

I’ve learned a couple of things in the very recent past.

1. I can come up with more excuses to push back my bedtime than a five-year-old can.


2. If a new green smoothie recipe makes 1 quart of smoothie (with no added water), it’s not necessary—or, in fact, advisable—to drink the entire quart.

3 Replies to “Lessons About Self Care”

  1. ha ha… I drink about 3 cups worth of green smoothie every morning for breakfast! mmm makes me go faster!


    1. My usual recipe makes a little more than 3 cups. I think I must have measured wrong the other morning (or I just couldn’t comprehend that I drank that much smoothie) because when I looked at the blender this morning, it’s clear that it would had to have been more like 6 cups or more. And when I looked at the recipe again just now, it clearly says, “Yields 2 quarts.” Whatever it was, I clearly overdid it.


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