Footloose and Fitness Tracker-Free

In June 2014, I bought a fitness tracker. I got myself a Fitbit One to wear on my hip rather than a wristband tracker because I really liked wearing my watch. I wore the tracker all day and all night, every day and every night. In 2016, hoping to shake things up by increasing theContinue reading “Footloose and Fitness Tracker-Free”

Dealing with Stress

Due to some discord in my community, I’ve been feeling a great deal of emotional stress lately. It kind of sucks, but it’s also provided me a chance to recognize some of the ways in which I manage stress. These are my instructions to myself, and I thought some of you might find them helpful, too.Continue reading “Dealing with Stress”

Is it a hickey…or just eczema?

Although I’m pretty much just tired of thinking about and dealing with eczema, I’m still getting a lot of hits on my Execrable Eczema post from May 2012, so I thought I’d post an update. After this I’ll go back to my regular schedule of photo challenge posts, homeschooling posts, and posts about how IContinue reading “Is it a hickey…or just eczema?”

Execrable Eczema

<Begin Rant> I give up. Eczema on my EYELIDS since September. I thought it was triggered by some dairy I accidentally ate and that it was finally going away after I assiduously followed a high-meditation, high-green-vegetable, low-sugar, low-grain, darned-near-vegan diet for months, but it’s BACK with a vengeance. This despite the assurance of multiple (well,Continue reading “Execrable Eczema”

Balancing Act

Lately, I’ve noticed three brown-headed cowbird pairs pecking at the fallen seed under our feeders. There is a beauty to them, especially the males, with their sleek black body feathers and their deep brown heads. They look like they’re made of velvet. But knowing that there are other birds’ nests that are playing host to cowbirdContinue reading “Balancing Act”

My Craziest Idea Yet: Sleeping

The idea goes that I spend so many hours with my kids, I need time to myself to function properly, even if this means giving up adequate sleep to get said alone time. I recently realized that this is an entirely untested hypothesis. What if I actually function better if I get adequate sleep butContinue reading “My Craziest Idea Yet: Sleeping”

Tolstoy on Acts of Kindness

“As our self-interest diminishes, our anxieties disappear, and then comes quiet and firm joy, which always diffuses us with a good spiritual disposition and a clear conscience. Every good deed helps to kindle this feeling of joy within us.” — Tolstoy (from Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project, Moment of Happiness” on Tuesday. Visit Gretchen Rubin’s site,Continue reading “Tolstoy on Acts of Kindness”