Huevos y Espinicas Rancheros

On my not-crazy diet, I’m supposed to eat a boatload of green veggies every day. I’m also supposed to eat lots of beans, and because I’m nursing I’m allowed to eat a small amount of animal protein each day (in the form of eggs or fish).

Tonight we decided to have eggs. But because of the need for leafy greens, I decided to have green eggs. And because of the need for beans, I decided to add black beans. And by that time it was near enough to huevos rancheros, I decided to just make a ranchero sauce and heat up some stone-ground corn tortillas (I’m allowed to have small quantities of corn).

I combined two recipes from Feeding the Whole Family in a kind of culinary Flintstones-meet-Jetsons (follow the links above for the recipes). I layered on a plate: warmed corn tortillas, green eggs, black beans, and ranchero sauce.

It was very pretty, so I took a picture of it.

And it was darned good, too. My husband didn’t even put cheese on his, so you know it must have been tasty.

2 Replies to “Huevos y Espinicas Rancheros”

  1. YUM! I love Huevos Rancheros. I followed your link to the eggs and will now have green eggs and healthy home fries for dinner tonight. 🙂 Love it when I have everything for a recipe I come across. My kids love breakfast for dinner. Maybe next week I’ll do the Huevos. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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