Vegetable Rolls

I bought the Moosewood Restaurant New Classics cookbook more than a decade ago. It was our primary cookbook for a number of years, then it slowly fell out of favor when I stopped eating gluten and dairy. Recently, however, I was thumbing through my cookbooks, looking for inspiration. I seem to have fallen into aContinue reading “Vegetable Rolls”

Super-Secret Vegetarian Lasagna. Part Two: Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

This one has the approval of vegans and dairy-eaters alike, but if you eat gluten and dairy (and love lots of cheese), also check out my Super-Secret Vegetarian Lasagna! I have been trying since 2004 to make a yummy vegan lasagna. Back when I could still eat dairy, I would top the ones that weren’tContinue reading “Super-Secret Vegetarian Lasagna. Part Two: Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free”

Super-Secret Vegetarian Lasagna. Part One: The One I Can’t Eat

For you gluten-free and/or dairy-free types, check out my Super-Secret Gluten-Free Vegan Lasagna! I always loved my mom’s lasagna when I was a kid. Then I grew up and became vegetarian and had to modify the recipe so it didn’t include beef. Then I started eating meat again, but by that time, I loved myContinue reading “Super-Secret Vegetarian Lasagna. Part One: The One I Can’t Eat”

Huevos y Espinicas Rancheros

On my not-crazy diet, I’m supposed to eat a boatload of green veggies every day. I’m also supposed to eat lots of beans, and because I’m nursing I’m allowed to eat a small amount of animal protein each day (in the form of eggs or fish). Tonight we decided to have eggs. But because ofContinue reading “Huevos y Espinicas Rancheros”

If Loving Bok Choy is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right

I love bok choy. I love it in stir fries, I love it in soups, I love it sauteed up with a little sesame oil. I don’t love it raw, but I love it lightly cooked so it’s crunchy and juicy and satisfying. Yakisoba is one of the many ways I love to cook bokContinue reading “If Loving Bok Choy is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right”

Emerald City Salad

I’ve been thinking about making this salad since I got my copy of Feeding the Whole Family. But frankly, I was scared. I was afraid of the raw dark leafy greens. But, looking for a quick-ish side dish and a variation on a green salad, I finally tried it. Oh, man, is this a salad.Continue reading “Emerald City Salad”

Spanish Omelet from my Spanish Grandpa

One of the reasons we visited Florida this month was to visit my paternal grandparents. I always love visiting Grandpa, and not only because it’s such an odd sensation to see someone who’s almost 86 years old with the same mannerisms and patterns of speech as my 60-year-old dad. Grandpa is from Spain, but heContinue reading “Spanish Omelet from my Spanish Grandpa”

Garlic Roasted Green Garbanzo Beans, Non-Crispy Version

I made the non-crispy green garbanzo beans Wednesday. My friend Timbra tried them, and they got her seal of approval. My family all loved them, too. The baby signed and said, “Mo! Mo! Mo!” almost as soon as he put a bean in his mouth. Of course, he also eats cat food, so you mightContinue reading “Garlic Roasted Green Garbanzo Beans, Non-Crispy Version”

Garlic Roasted Green Garbanzos, Crispy Version

A few months ago, we sampled some green garbanzo beans at Costco. My husband liked them, the baby liked them, so I bought a bag. It’s been sitting in our freezer since. We’ve made up one batch just plain, but I actually prefer the flavor of non-green garbanzos. So I set about finding a recipeContinue reading “Garlic Roasted Green Garbanzos, Crispy Version”

Oh, (Vegan) Fudge!

  This is a recipe entitled “Old Fashioned Vegan Fudge” from While I don’t think there’s anything old fashioned about soy creamer, this is yummy vegan fudge. I made it and I ate (most of) it. I recommend having someone in mind with whom to share this fudge before you make it. Two poundsContinue reading “Oh, (Vegan) Fudge!”