Oh, (Vegan) Fudge!


What do you mean, you thought it made two pounds? Isn't this two pounds of fudge?

This is a recipe entitled “Old Fashioned Vegan Fudge” from vegweb.com. While I don’t think there’s anything old fashioned about soy creamer, this is yummy vegan fudge. I made it and I ate (most of) it. I recommend having someone in mind with whom to share this fudge before you make it. Two pounds is a lot of fudge.


Old Fashioned Vegan Fudge

(reprinted and very slightly modified from Christine P’s recipe on http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=25962.0)

Makes 2 pounds.

Preparation time: 10 minutes and 1 hour+ cooling time.


5/6 c soy creamer (I used original Silk creamer)

2 1/4 c sugar

1/4 c vegan butter (I used half a stick of Earth Balance buttery sticks)

18 ounces vegan chocolate chips (I used a bag and change of semi-sweet chips and then an ounce of Ghirardelli bittersweet baking chocolate)

1 t vanilla

1 c chopped walnuts, if desired (I desired them but my daughter didn’t, so I didn’t use them)

Prepare an 8×8 pan by either greasing it or lining it with foil or parchment paper.

In a heavy-bottomed pan, combine cream and sugar. Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a boil then lower heat to medium and continue boiling and stirring for 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and stir in butter and chocolate. Keep stirring until satiny (or until your arm gets too tired, which is how long I stirred it). Add vanilla and nuts, if using. Immediately pour into prepared pan. Cool completely at room temperature before cutting.

A note about stirring the fudge: Some people warn against stirring fudge and toffee while they’re cooking. In my experience, the key is to not stir too vigorously. You’re just trying to keep the bottom from scorching. If you stir too vigorously, something happens that assume can be explained by physics or chemistry that causes the sugar and fat to separate out. Just stir gently and no too fast and you should be fine.

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