October’s Focus: Order

It’s October 1st! Time for a new Happiness Project focus! Here’s the Plan:

October 2010 – Order
Focus: Complete nagging tasks and make my home more of a refuge of calm.

Complete One Nagging Task. There are a number of projects I’ve left unfinished around my house. There’s a purse I crocheted the pieces for but have yet to assemble. There are the knit baby blocks that I started while pregnant with my daughter six years ago. The baby booties I started for my friend’s second child who is now nearly four years old. The needlepoint project I started when we lived in North Carolina, more than seven years ago. My daughter’s baby book. Or, for that matter, my son’s baby book. Really, I’ve got a lot to choose from. But I’m just planning to complete one.

Establish Daily and Weekly Routines. This one’s inspired by FlyLady. I have a couple of routines in place already. I clean out the car and the diaper bag every Friday. I make my bed (well, I pull the sheets and blankets up) every morning. Basically, I just want a kind of basic structure so we all know what to expect and, hopefully, we experience more peace and order in our schedules. I’d also like to have the house look somewhat tidy and clean for longer than 3.5 hours after the housecleaner’s monthly deep-clean (without leaving town).

Declutter and Organize. This will be a room-to-room romp à la FlyLady again. I’ve got my three baskets (Give Away, Put Away, Throw Away), and I’ll plan to do at least 15 minutes a day until I get through every corner of our dwelling. I’m feeling overwhelmed by my possessions, and I hope to get a better balance than I have now by getting rid of a lot of things.

Purchasing Fast. No, this isn’t a resolution to improve my time at the mall. I will avoid buying any non-consumable material goods in October. I will still buy things like food, toilet paper, toothpaste (I won’t be dumpster diving, although I suppose I could try some make-it-yourself personal care recipes), and I’ll make an exception for certain specific items, like the hair bows I’ve yet to buy (or buy the supplies to make) for the concert my daughter will be in this month, but I’ll try to buy those few necessary items used if if it makes sense to do so. I’ll also make an exception should any major appliance need replacing. If something happens to our fridge during October, I’m not waiting until November to replace it.

Along with these resolutions, I will continue to practice the resolutions from August and September. For a complete Happiness Project Schedule, past, present and future, please click the link to the left.

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