Friendship Month in Review

This month, I found it challenging to focus on my resolutions. I did okay at the beginning of the month, and my friends helped me out a lot, calling me, arranging to get together, and just treating me with care and gentleness. By the end of the month, I’d lost steam. A rundown of theContinue reading “Friendship Month in Review”

A Record of my Accomplishments (Decluttering-wise)

Here’s what I did yesterday while the sitter was with the kids:     If you sent us a card for our wedding, sorry but it’s now in the recycling. (Well, I kept a couple of personal notes, but the cards that were just signed are outta here.) And what you don’t see is thatContinue reading “A Record of my Accomplishments (Decluttering-wise)”

Joyfully Moving

I got to attend the Monday night step class at my gym tonight, which I’ve only done once before, even though I loved it that one time I went. I’ve got the babysitter from 2-5 on Mondays and the class is at 5:30. Every time I think of how much I want to go toContinue reading “Joyfully Moving”

Getting to the Nitty Gritty of my Perfectionism

My mom just visited for about a week and a half, which gave me the chance to observe perfectionism in action from the outside. Usually I’m just trapped inside, observing my own actions, which isn’t nearly so enlightening as watching from outside. The way my mom’s perfectionism manifests itself during her visits is in non-stopContinue reading “Getting to the Nitty Gritty of my Perfectionism”

Houseguests and Routines

One of my resolutions this month is to develop daily and weekly routines. I’m doing OK with the weekly routines, but I still struggle with daily routines. I sort of let myself off the hook this past week with my mom here, since having visitors always changes routines anyway. Now that she’s on her wayContinue reading “Houseguests and Routines”

Week 11 Review: Reflecting on my Mom’s Visit

This week, my mom has been visiting from Ohio. As usual, we’ve been busy doing projects non-stop. My mom leaves tomorrow afternoon. The week has just flown by, also as usual. As a creature of habit, I will likely feel relieved to get back into the normal, boring daily routine, but I’ll miss having myContinue reading “Week 11 Review: Reflecting on my Mom’s Visit”

Errand Day

I was going to post that we hadn’t gotten much done today, but that’s not exactly true. First thing this morning, we swept, vacuumed and mopped the house. On the way to my daughter’s gymnastics class, we found a new drop-off location for glass recycling that’s closer than the zoo. On the way home, weContinue reading “Errand Day”

Setting Them Up and Knocking Them Down. Figuratively.

Another day of getting ship done. (Yes, I said “ship.” I feel self-conscious writing gratuitous swear words, so I opt to pseudo-cuss.) Today we finished re-covering the chairs (see yesterday’s post for pictures) while the baby napped and my daughter played on We put up the double curtain rods and hung the sheers whileContinue reading “Setting Them Up and Knocking Them Down. Figuratively.”

Starting to Get Stuff Done

After much preparation (including the purchase of several items), I think I may finally be starting to get something done. Below are a few pictures to give you all an idea of what’s been accomplished so far. I neglected to take “before” pictures of my kitchen cabinets, so you’re going to just have to makeContinue reading “Starting to Get Stuff Done”