Setting Them Up and Knocking Them Down. Figuratively.

Another day of getting ship done. (Yes, I said “ship.” I feel self-conscious writing gratuitous swear words, so I opt to pseudo-cuss.)

Today we finished re-covering the chairs (see yesterday’s post for pictures) while the baby napped and my daughter played on

We put up the double curtain rods and hung the sheers while the children clung to our legs.

The curtains were already up. It's the sheers that are new. Or rather, not new, just newly hung.


We cleaned and organized the garage while the children dug in the garden (insuring that there are no bulbs planted in that section), watched the dogs next door, pretended to talk on the phone, and helped sweep.

Garage 1
This is one wall of the garage. Notice the buckets of bird seed and salt hiding the entrance to the eerie crawl space.



Garage 2
Another wall of the garage. Mom says the task for next time will be making it so daylight isn't visible through the walls. Visible outside the garage are items formerly in the garage that are now in the trunk of my car to give away.




Garage 3
Same wall, different section. (The large rectangle of daylight coming through the wall is intentional. Previously it was obscured by spiderwebs. *Shudder*)




Garage 4
First wall again, different section. (Um, yes, the insulation is actually better than it was before my mother put the staple gun to use.)



We re-hung the portions of the alphabet that had fallen down in the dining room while the baby dumped crackers and crayons on the floor and my daughter collected box elder bugs outside.


Thanks to my mom, my children no longer believe that the alphabet begins at E and ends at L.


And I made peach cobbler while my daughter was at flute lesson with my husband and my mom took my son to see the digger working on some part of the brand-new house that’s being built down the street. (No photo available of the cobbler. We ate it before I thought about photographing it, and I didn’t want to photograph it after we’d eaten it.)

My mom’s got two Post-Its filled with to-do and to-purchase items for tomorrow and the trunk of the car is filled with glass recycling and give-away stuff to drop off on the way to gymnastics class in the morning. Rumor has it I may own a skill saw (?) and a label maker before my mom’s visit is over. I feel considerably less trepidation about the latter than about the former. But up until now, we’ve been using a hacksaw for all cutting needs that can’t be handled by scissors or pruners, so perhaps another tool might be a reasonable idea.

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