Errand Day

I was going to post that we hadn’t gotten much done today, but that’s not exactly true. First thing this morning, we swept, vacuumed and mopped the house. On the way to my daughter’s gymnastics class, we found a new drop-off location for glass recycling that’s closer than the zoo. On the way home, we dropped off give-away items at the thrift store and then ran the car through the car wash and utilized the “free vacuums with car wash.” Then lunch and dishes, then while the babysitter was here my mom and I ran errands. She bought me shoes!

My first heels in I don't know how many years. I didn't even wear heels at my wedding.

And some clothes for me and the kids. And she bought steaks for dinner. While my husband was grilling those and my son was playing in the driveway salt, we ran out to the the hardware store and bought some stuff for a project we’re going to tackle tomorrow. Turns out my friend a block away has a bunch of saws and other cutting implements, so we plan to borrow from her rather than buy a new skill saw. Hooray!

Tomorrow we’re going to be car-less for most of the day due to the rehearsal schedule for my daughter’s concert, so we should get something besides errands done. Then we’ll get all gussied up and listen to 2,000 children play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (among other songs) for more than 2 hours.

2 Replies to “Errand Day”

    1. Oh, yes. I love the shoes! JCPenney’s on sale. I hope they’re comfortable enough to walk around in downtown near the LDS Conference Center this evening while wearing my son in the mei tai.


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