Week 11 Review: Reflecting on my Mom’s Visit

This week, my mom has been visiting from Ohio. As usual, we’ve been busy doing projects non-stop. My mom leaves tomorrow afternoon. The week has just flown by, also as usual. As a creature of habit, I will likely feel relieved to get back into the normal, boring daily routine, but I’ll miss having my mom to chat with and to work with (and to pitch in with the kids so I can finish a task without someone crying and grabbing my legs).

During the week, we’ve cleaned out the garage (including hanging the bikes for the winter (all but my husband’s since that’s his commuter vehicle)), re-covered our kitchen chairs, bought me a couple of new dressier outfits and cute shoes, brainstormed ways to organize the utility room, cleaned out and made a new insert for the cover to our crawl space, took three trips to the thrift store to drop things off, dropped off glass recycling, and hung two sets of sheers in the living room. We’ve got one other project we’re hoping to finish tonight and early tomorrow, but I’m going to keep that a secret until it’s done.

In addition, we attended Suzuki Celebration VIII (in which my daughter played her flute), took my daughter to her regular classes and lessons during the week, visited the aviary (and fed sun conures), and grilled out twice. So, like I said, we’ve been busy.

We also attended Mass two Sundays in a row, something that I’ve enjoyed more than I imagined I would. I find that the readings and lessons from the services are easy to apply to my life, even though I don’t hold the same specific beliefs. During this morning’s homily, the priest spoke about the moments during our day when we’re conscious of the Lord. He asked, will the Lord find faith and trust in our hearts during these moments of openness? I relate this fairly closely to my mindfulness practice and those moments I take to stop, breathe, and feel awareness and openness to life, to myself, and to those around me. During these moments, I can either close myself against the truths that threaten to confront me, or I can remain trusting and surrender to the lessons that await me. I may fear these lessons, but I know that they will bring greater fullness to my life and connect me more compassionately to the people around me.

On a more basic level, I think I enjoy attending religious services on Sundays because it sort of resets me. I get to start the week with quiet reflection. And singing. I really love to sing in a group.

So, on to Week 12 and to greater heights of decluttering and organization! The month is more than half over, and I fear that the most difficult decluttering tasks lie before me (the filing cabinet in the office and upstairs closets that contain the innards of scrapbooks I’ve not yet started, my Homecoming dress from 1992, and a large number of craft supplies, among other things).

One Reply to “Week 11 Review: Reflecting on my Mom’s Visit”

  1. Oh how I am tempted to take your homecoming dress from 1992 should you decide to part with it. I suspect that it would find a comfy home next to my prom dresses from 1990 & 1992…which I have worn again BTW to a grad school social!


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