Nervous Energy: The Case for Peace

I’ve been all over the place lately. I’ve been almost frantic. I went shopping a total of three times to purchase gifts for charitable organizations. I spent three hours last night frenetically picking up, putting away, and throwing away things from all over the house in preparation for the housecleaners today. Earlier this week, IContinue reading “Nervous Energy: The Case for Peace”

Getting to the Nitty Gritty of my Perfectionism

My mom just visited for about a week and a half, which gave me the chance to observe perfectionism in action from the outside. Usually I’m just trapped inside, observing my own actions, which isn’t nearly so enlightening as watching from outside. The way my mom’s perfectionism manifests itself during her visits is in non-stopContinue reading “Getting to the Nitty Gritty of my Perfectionism”

Best. Hike. Yet. – Renewing my Spirit With a Walk in the Woods (Week 9 Review)

I’m tired and I’m dusty and I’ve got a neck-ache from wearing the backpack, but I’m in a much better mood than I was last time I posted. And it’s all thanks to a great hiking experience. We love hiking. I used to take my daughter on once-weekly Sierra Club Family Hikes when we livedContinue reading “Best. Hike. Yet. – Renewing my Spirit With a Walk in the Woods (Week 9 Review)”

More Thoughts on Gratitude

A few weeks ago, I posted about a study that Ariel Gore wrote about in her book, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness. For those few of you who have not committed my posts to memory, the study found that people who kept a gratitude journal for six weeks reported an increase inContinue reading “More Thoughts on Gratitude”

Week 8 Review: Hitting my Stride. Sort of.

I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon and setting it to post Sunday, since illness has hit our family, and I figured I ought to make the most of a quiet moment while I have it since I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Now that the month is nearly over, I finally feel more comfortableContinue reading “Week 8 Review: Hitting my Stride. Sort of.”

Ebb and Flow

Last week, I wrote about “flow,” the feeling of ease and contentment that comes when one is engaged in an activity in which there is a balance between challenge and skill. While experiencing flow, a person loses track of time. I think what I’ve been feeling for this week could be called, “ebb.”¬†Things feel effortful,Continue reading “Ebb and Flow”

Not so Fast

Tonight on the treadmill, I listened to the This American Life episode entitled “Promised Land,” in which David Rakoff goes on a three-week fast and chronicles his experience on the radio show. Knowing that people throughout history have used fasting as a way to experience a spiritual awakening, Rakoff is curious to see what he’llContinue reading “Not so Fast”

Remembering to Pace Myself: A Pep Talk

As the end of August approaches and my Facebook News Feed fills with pictures of smiling children in new clothes and¬†status updates about the first day of school, my thoughts have begun to race ahead to all of the other resolutions I have planned for my Happiness Project. I find myself considering rearranging my scheduleContinue reading “Remembering to Pace Myself: A Pep Talk”

Don’t Jump to Solutions

This is another lesson I’ve learned in my parenting adventures. I think most of the good stuff I know I’ve learned through being a mom. This one I applied several times a day when my daughter was in a tantrum phase. It involved stopping myself from trying to fix every negative emotion she had andContinue reading “Don’t Jump to Solutions”