Breaking the Purchasing Fast

I bought stuff today, thus breaking my purchasing fast.

But most of it was stuff I’ll be using to complete unfinished projects, and so is in service to one of this month’s resolutions. Or so I’m telling myself to help justify the money I spent at JoAnn Fabrics and Target today. I bought fabric and fuseable interfacing to make the lining of the crochet purse I’m planning to finish. And I bought double curtain rods to finally hang the sheers under the curtains in the living room. But I also bought hot pink tights for myself, bathtub crayons for the kids, a plastic canvas craft for my daughter (who wants to learn how to sew), and a kit to make a doggie quilt and one to make fabric gift bags. Oh, and an extra remnant to make more gift bags, once I get some tips from the kit on making a more attractive bag than the ones I have been making.

I guess that’s probably not “most” in the strictest definition of the term.

I can rationalize all of these purchases, but I’m trying not to spend much energy doing so because, you know, I made up the rules for the purchasing fast and it’s actually OK if I don’t follow them all. I’m more mindful about my spending, and as long as this doesn’t open up the floodgates to willy-nilly craft supply accumulation, I think it’ll still be OK.

My mom bought me a couple of “nice” outfits and some vinyl to re-upholster the kitchen chairs and will be buying us a staple gun and maybe some things to use to reorganize the utility room. I’m operating under the assumption that gifts purchased for me by my mother do not violate the spirit of the purchasing fast. Because I really like the outfits and have thought of at least three places to wear them before the end of the year.

2 Replies to “Breaking the Purchasing Fast”

  1. Outfits and indeed all items purchased by mom are far outside the realm of a purchasing fast. She likes to purchase stuff, particularly for other people. So really its furthering HER happiness which in turn furthers yours, etc. I consider that completely in accord with the entire project. Yay for justification and new outfits!!! 🙂


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