I’m Accepting the Challenge

So WordPress is doing this post-a-day challenge thing for 2011. It’s just like the name implies: a challenge to post on one’s blog every day of the year 2011.

It might be kind of cheating to enter a post-a-day challenge when I already post at least once a day, but hey…I like recognition. It’s like when I would enter those summer read-a-thons when I was a kid. Of course I was going to read ten books. I was actually going to read twenty. But it was so satisfying to fill out the little colored cards, I just couldn’t resist participating. (I could make a Simpsons reference here to the episode about the teacher’s strike when Lisa freaks out and begs Marge to grade her, but I won’t.)

And I’m glad to have The Daily Post to provide post topic suggestions on days when I just don’t know what to write about (if those ever happen).

Thanks for reading, and please keep those likes and comments coming (when the spirit moves you, of course). And if you’re up for daily blogging on your own blog, I’d love to have the company! To keep track of my daily posts, subscribe to my blog via e-mail using the link to right (somewhere along that sidebar there).

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