Fun Month Review: Fun in Unexpected Places

Fun month hasn’t been a laugh riot or anything, but it has helped me to be ready for fun whenever it might happen.

Sometimes it’s taking a moment to listen to my daughter talking with my husband about college. My daughter (who’s 5 1/2 years old and has been reading a lot of wildlife books) asked the other day, “What do you do at college?”

My husband explained that you study subjects in depth and learn a lot of things in college.

“I like learning new things! Is college where you go to find a mate?” she asked.

“Yes, well, some people find mates in college. That’s where Mommy and I met. But that’s not the primary reason for going to college.”

Then somehow the conversation moved to sororities. My daughter loved the idea of a house where only women live and study together and have parties and do community service.

“Can I join a sorority when I go to college?” she asked.

“When you get to college,” I said, joining the conversation, “you’ll be old enough to decide on your own whether or not you want to join a sorority.” My husband and I explained that the reason I didn’t join a sorority and he didn’t join a fraternity is because it took up a lot of time and cost a lot of money. My daughter’s eyes got very big.

“I’ve got lots of money!” she said. “And I can save up even more! And since I homeschool, I’ll be very well prepared for college!”

Yes, my dear. There’s no denying that you will be very well prepared for college.

So, there was that fun. Then there was the fun my husband and I had today at Fat’s Grill and Pool.

The billiards was fun. We played four games, of which I won three. The only reason I lost the fourth game was that I was laughing so hard because we just saw this commercial:

Looking around the internet for this commercial, I realized that we’re very late to the Shake Weight party. But I know a lot of the people who read my blog are like us and don’t have cable. I decided I had to post the link to the commercial as a public service to them.

See? Fun in unexpected places.

Happy New Year! Tune in tomorrow for Explore Month Kickoff!

2 Replies to “Fun Month Review: Fun in Unexpected Places”

  1. That “product” is hilarious but I hope they paid those guys a lot. It did look like one of them was laughing at himself. Thank you for fun month. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun than this December. Now I better go look at your schedule to see what you’re going to get me to think about in January.


    1. Yes, I was thinking that the guys who made it through without laughing must be incredible actors. I hope they’re offered other acting roles based on their performance here.


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