We’re Not in Utah Anymore

Road Rage*
This cat is likely not a Utahan. (Image by PDXdj via Flickr)

There are a number of things that I find annoying about life in Utah.

But I didn’t realize until these past couple of days in Florida that I’ve not been flipped the bird nor have I been sworn at loudly while driving the entire time I’ve lived in Utah.

The first day I drove in Florida, I got called, I think, an “Effing Effer.” Only the first part of each of those words wasn’t “Eff”.

I suppose it’s possible I’ve been cussed out by Utah drivers, too, and I just don’t hear it because there are fewer “car windows down” months of the year than in Florida. But this driver was fairly animated in his swearing, and I don’t recall seeing that kind of reaction from a Utah driver.

Another tick mark in Utah’s favor.

4 Replies to “We’re Not in Utah Anymore”

  1. well, i don’t know what the anonymous comment maker meant except that UT drivers drive us NUTS πŸ™‚ he probably meant all of the annoying stuff, not the “nice” stuff πŸ™‚ take that however you want and mind you, he wasn’t saying you DO, he was just saying IF you do, then he could understand why FL drivers might not be happy about that. But let’s just assume, instead, that you drive like a Californian or a midwesterner and that FL drivers don’t like that either (and no one ends up offended since we would never talk poorly about CA or midwestern drivers πŸ™‚


    1. What’s funny about this is that when I was discussing FL drivers with my family, it involved a comparison of all of the bad drivers we’ve ever encountered. Between us, I don’t think we missed a major geographical area of the US.


  2. the only man who lives in my house and has asked me not to attach his NAME to this said “maybe she just drives like a utah driver, if she drives like a utah driver, i could see what the frustration (in FL) would be”. . . . i laughed out loud


    1. Well, if he means I drive courteously and let people in when they are trying to get into my lane, then I agree with this anonymous commenter’s suggestion. If he means I rush stop signs when I’m on side streets and give people on the main roads heart attacks, I disagree.


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