Eye Contact: A Team Effort

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I admit: I’ve been forgetting about my marriage resolutions.

Luckily, my husband’s been reminding me of them. But not in an annoying way (lucky for him).

I was hesitant to let him read my “Marriage Month Kickoff” post because I was afraid he would irritatingly point out whenever I wasn’t following my resolutions. He did once, jokingly, at about 10pm on January 31st. I pointed out to him that I still had two hours to yell at him. He accepted that argument.

Since then, he’s just been reminding me in a way that I like. He’s been following my resolutions, too. So we’ll be driving through Bradenton and he’ll put a hand on my leg, and that will remind me that I’ve not been touching him. Of course, visiting our grandparents isn’t the best time for wanton displays of affection, but I’d been erring a little too far on the side of chastity.

It’s been similar with eye contact. I don’t realize I’m not making eye contact until I sense that he’s staring at me, look up, and find him looking lovingly into my eyes.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t criticize me (because I’m, you know, perfect), so I don’t get any help from him remembering to criticize with love.

6 Replies to “Eye Contact: A Team Effort”

  1. ok and i heard about this 10 second kiss everyday. It is longer than it seems.


    1. My 2ยข, one should not be counting when one is kissing ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Thank you for the comment, Sana. The post you linked to on your blog was quite interesting, too. I agree that it’s difficult to maintain emotional intimacy without physical intimacy and that with increased demands in one’s married life (kids, careers, ailing parents, etc), planning touch might be the only way to go about keeping it in the marriage. But then, of course I agree…that’s why I made it one of my resolutions for this month. ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. If I made myself time a kiss for ten seconds, I don’t think I’d ever kiss my husband. I don’t think it’s a bad goal, I just think it’s a long time and if I always felt like that’s how long we needed to smooch, I think I’d just avoid smooching altogether.


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