No. 5 of “Sixteen Things I Believe” by Susan Cain

5. We teach kids in group classrooms not because this is the best way to learn but because it’s cost-efficient, and what else would we do with the children while all the grown-ups are at work? If your child prefers to work autonomously and socialize one-on-one, there’s nothing wrong with her; she just happens not to fit the model.

via Sixteen Things I Believe, from Susan Cain’s blog, “The Power of Introverts.”

I believe this, too. Hence the homeschooling thing.

2 Replies to “No. 5 of “Sixteen Things I Believe” by Susan Cain”

    1. I love that it came from a non-homeschooling site! Susan Cain’s is one of my favorite blogs. I’m preordering her new book about introversion.


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