Hang Onto Your Hats: I’m Blogging About Fashion

Well, sort of.

In my family, my sister got all of the style genes. This includes being able to dress herself with confidence and the ability to apply liquid eyeliner. As a result, I generally wear little to no makeup, feel helpless when I look in my closet, and consider a baby carrier an accessory.

This all changes now. But only slightly.

I’ve been wanting to change my style from “whatever’s given to me or whatever brown clothing I can find for $1.50 or less at the thrift shop” to something remotely intentional.

I know, I need to pace myself and stop aiming so high.

The big change is that I’m going to start making an effort. No longer will there be a place in my wardrobe for clothes that don’t suit me and/or don’t fit.

In order to know that I’m throwing out the right stuff (and replacing it with the right stuff), I’ve enlisted some help. I’ve signed up for a Seasonal Color Assessment (I’m “Winter” like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Elizabeth Hurley) and a year of weekly outfit and shopping guides personalized for my body type through Missus Smarty Pants.

My husband wasn’t as supportive as I would have liked.

“That’s a horrible idea,” he said.

I explained that I was going to have to buy winter clothes that fit me anyway and I thought I might as well do it in a systematic way rather than willy-nilly as I usually do and that this would not only help me look and feel better, but it would help me save money in the long run.

“Well, I guess it’s not a horrible idea. But it’s still not a good idea.” Which is probably the best I can hope for from a man who would rather his yearly clothing budget be $30, $10 for underwear, $10 for socks, and $10 for slippers. Those and beer are the only things he wants me to buy him as gifts, too.

At any rate, armed with my “seasonal colors” and guidelines about making the most of my curvy, short self, I embarked upon a closet purge.

Now, I didn’t have a huge amount of clothes to start with, but there was a lot I just didn’t wear (and some things I just shouldn’t wear). I don’t want more clothes; I want wearable clothes.

I cleared out about half of my clothes. I left in two skirts that I think aren’t supposed to be there. Shorties like me aren’t supposed to wear floor-length skirts because it makes us look even shorter, but I love these two skirts and I’m not ready to part with them. But aside from those, I stuck pretty close to the rules. This means I got rid of all of my brown.

These did not make the cut.
My closet right now (the clothes on the rack above are my husband's).

I’ve made a list of basics to add (black, grey, and stone casual trousers, long-sleeved T’s and button shirts in white, black, grey, or stone, shoes that aren’t brown) and guidelines for a couple of accent pieces (lavender, teal, or pink sweaters, perhaps?). There’s a lot of talk in the materials for my body type about wearing “kitten heels.” I’m not sure I’m ready for this shoe shift, but I will consider boots with a bit of a heel. If they’re on sale.

Today I wore an outfit from items I already own but had never put together before. I even wore earrings and a necklace. My children couldn’t stop staring at me.

Tomorrow I plan to do some shopping. Without children but with a plan

10 Replies to “Hang Onto Your Hats: I’m Blogging About Fashion”

  1. i am RIGHT there with you. not only this, but my sister, having lost a ton of weight recently, gives me some of her hand me downs (not from her original size, but somewhere around the third round of buying new clothes for her shrinking body) and they’re too big on me, but they’re comfy 🙂 I should save my spending on one item here and there, for a few months and go out on a BIG shopping trip like this. . it’s always in the back of my head, but I forget the long term sometimes. But I’m feeling inspired now (PS, you look cute!. .. well, at least the outfit part of you, and I already know what your face looks like 🙂


    1. I just went through and made a list of all of my clothes in preparation for my shopping trip tomorrow. I’m really surprised at how many decent items of clothing I have (now that I can see them).


  2. Well, you are ahead of me… I don’t even know what my color palette is. I’ve tried to figure it out, but nothing ends up looking right. Good luck with the shopping, fashionista!


    1. Thank you, thank you! I’m trying to decide where to go and trying not to get cold feet about price. And trying to modify the wardrobe suggestions to suit a SAHM. Oh, and trying to figure out just how cold I’m going to feel this winter.


  3. I LOVE that show. It inspires me.

    I’m there for ya girl! Wish I could go too!


  4. Ooo, I like that outfit on you!
    I did something like this last year. I armed myself with a trusty/stylish/more trending than me friend and we went to TJ Maxx with the idea that I was going to buy quite a few things ALL TOGETHER that I could mix and match without worrying too much about the cost.
    I’d never done this before. I bought and bought and bought some more and upped my style to a little more trendy than the past. I still wear the clothes and build on them and am really glad I spent the $250 at one time.
    You won’t regret it!
    Have fun and try things on that you NEVER thought you’d like. That worked for me because I was pleasantly surprised to find as much as I did.


    1. Thanks, Heidi! It’s the next best thing to getting myself featured on What Not to Wear, I guess. I might have to call you for moral support if I get overwhelmed at the store.


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