The Crazy Lady Goes Shopping

So, my shopping trip went off without a hitch. Three hours on my own, trying on clothes and shoes, attempting to test each item of clothing by recreating the contortions generally necessary in the course of my child-rearing life (squatting down like I’m hugging a child or kissing an owie, reaching high like I’m imitating a crane or trying to lift a child onto a piece of playground equipment).

And, of course, talking to myself out loud the whole time.

I joke that having my kids with me helps me seem less like a crazy lady when I’m talking to myself. When I’m alone, I should probably wear a hands-free device so people just think I’m rude. The first several times I encountered someone talking on a hands-free device in the office supply store or in the airport, I seriously thought they must be schizophrenic until I noticed the piece of plastic stuck in their ear. I’m sure someone (besides me) must have written about how our modern lifestyle mimics mental illness.

My cell phone is always dead, so I’m not sure what my excuse is. I just talk to myself. I’m excellent company.

What was I talking about?

Oh, yes! My new wardrobe!

I bought two pair of pants, five shirts, a cardigan, a blazer, three pair of socks, three pair of underwear, a matching necklace and earrings, a pair of cute shoes with little heels, and an awesome pair of Big Boots.


Here are some shots of one of the outfits I tossed together with the clothes I bought today, along with some close-ups of my new shoes:

Yes, I need to clean this mirror better if I'm going to keep taking photos like this.
Side view of the "cute shoes."
Top view of the "cute shoes."
The boots with the corduroys.

I bought everything on sale, but still the total was staggering to a thrift-store/lost-and-found-box shopper like myself. My husband did a very good job of reassuring me that it’s okay to spend money on clothes (as long as I don’t spend this much at one time but once every ten years or so).

The clothes today are all in neutral tones, wardrobe “basics” that I can mix and match with anything else in my closet, basically. I’ll combine them with colored items I already own, like tops, skirts, and the beautiful silk pashmina I bought in 2004 but didn’t know how to wear until I looked it up online yesterday.

Oh, I have big plans for my new clothes. Especially those boots.

8 Replies to “The Crazy Lady Goes Shopping”

  1. Shut up! I live for knee high boots! As I’ve said in my blog before, I am pretty sure with knee boots and a fan 3 feet in front of me blowing my hair back lightly at all times I could rule the world! Resistance is futile!!! 😀 Congrats on your finds!


    1. Thanks, Abigail! I don’t buy shoes often, but I seem to do an okay job when I do buy them.


  2. PS–did you do the ultimate pants test? I hate when I have a houseful of girls (all the kids in the neighborhood that are my son’s age are girls, and they all like to come over our house after school and sing Bieber songs), and someone is trying to make a Lego thing work or something, and I stoop down to fix it, only to have to contort in weird ways so my pants don’t do that “thing” in the back. Playing with kids and the way jeans are cut these days do NOT mix…


    1. According to the “buying pants for petites” suggestions I read, short people shouldn’t wear low-rise pants because they make us look even shorter (“us” meaning me and the other short people, not me and you. I know you’re not short). So I got mid-rise and natural-waist pants. That seems to have taken care of the problem. But who knows what will happen towards the end of the day when the trousers have stretched out. I have a pair of cropped brown pants (had…petites aren’t supposed to wear cropped pants either) with an elastic waistband (I think they might be maternity pants) that I wore the day we moved in. I started to lead the movers up the steps to show them around when I realized my pants were sorely in need of hiking. Sometimes I’m very glad I wear full-coverage undies.

      I’m also the gal who’s always tucking her skirt into her underwear. Really, between the talking to myself (and singing to myself) and the exposing my rear, it’s no wonder it takes me a while to make friends.


  3. Oh, yes, those are GREAT boots. And the shoes are cute too. Way to go! (I decided that I am going to treat myself to a little shopping at the end of the month. When I was decluttering last week I realized my winter wardrobe is a bit sparse. But I am a HORRID shopper, and I’m sure I won’t come home as successful as you did!)

    I remember back in the day… I went to college with this guy, a total nerd who had a briefcase and wore a suit every day (he is now a classics professor–PERFECT career!) (I’m still friends with him so it’s OK for me to talk about him like this ;)). Well, in grad school he went to Fordham in NYC, and he says whenever he felt nervous on the subway, he would just start muttering to himself in Latin, and people would leave him alone. I guess you can’t get away with that these days because everyone talks to themselves! I don’t know how many times I’ve actually responded to someone who is talking, only to find that they are on their bluetooth thingy. So it was the person who was NOT talking to themselves that felt like the idiot :).


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