Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

The new Weekly Photo Challenge topic from The Daily Post is “Celebration.” And wouldn’t you know? It was my birthday yesterday!

I had a simple, wonderful, day-long birthday celebration that was celebratory in the just the right way for me (a satisfying homeschool morning, a hike, Beverly Cleary on the car stereo, a simple poached-fish-with-veggies dinner cooked by my husband,  organic sulfite-free wine, a new bathrobe (to replace the one my husband got me for my 22nd birthday), and apple slices dipped in a raw honey/almond butter mixture). And I even remembered to get out my camera and take some pictures to commemorate the day and to give you all an idea of what celebration looks like to me.



17 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration”

    1. It was delicious! Wait, the fish or the apples with dip? I guess it doesn’t matter though…they both rocked.


  1. Looks pretty great (those clouds too!).
    Glad you had a nice day 🙂


    1. Thank you, Nandini! I love your Diwali photos (and the one with the giant insect…*shudder*!).


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