The Romance of Thirty-Eight

My third-grade teacher, Miss Kowalik, let me stay inside at recess and sort mimeographs and read instead of facing the chaos of the playground. She introduced me to creative writing and taught me how to lose and find myself by filling a white page with words. Every morning I looked forward to seeing her smiling eyes and salt-and-pepper bobbed hair. As a childContinue reading “The Romance of Thirty-Eight”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

The new Weekly Photo Challenge topic from The Daily Post is “Celebration.” And wouldn’t you know? It was my birthday yesterday! I had a simple, wonderful, day-long birthday celebration that was celebratory in the just the right way for me (a satisfying homeschool morning, a hike, Beverly Cleary on the car stereo, a simple poached-fish-with-veggies dinnerContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration”

Reflecting on Six Years of Motherhood

My daughter turns six years old today. She’s lost one tooth. She can read novels and children’s encyclopedias. She plays the flute. She recites poetry. She does second-grade math. She and I are very similar in temperament. We both like ample alone time. We both like to spend time with our friends but need toContinue reading “Reflecting on Six Years of Motherhood”

Week 36 Review: Connecting with Strangers and Selling my Husband’s Stuff

Usually when I sit down to write these weekly reviews, I start out thinking (and sometimes even writing), “I did pretty well this week following my resolutions,” or “I didn’t do very well this week following my resolutions.” Today, however, I’m going to try to practice what I wrote about yesterday and start from aContinue reading “Week 36 Review: Connecting with Strangers and Selling my Husband’s Stuff”

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my 34th birthday. I was raised on horror films, so every year on my birthday I think about this one from 1981. And yes, I was watching horror films even in 1981. You do the math. This is the original theatrical trailer for Happy Birthday to Me. It’s not gory or anything, but youContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Me!”