A Letter from Myself (to Myself)

I’ve been having trouble with my meditation schedule this week, and I’ve been feeling bad about that. But I’ve also, for reasons I couldn’t pinpoint, been thinking about Marion Woodman’s Addiction to Perfection. When I took a look back at my review of the book, I think I’ve got a better understanding of why it’s been in my head this week.

About balance and perfection (from the book review):

-Perfection is static, unlike life which is constantly changing and moving. Therefore, perfection is more closely related to death than it is to life, and the pursuit of perfection can be seen as the unconscious pursuit of death.

-When we begin the transition from an overly masculine psyche to a more integrated and balanced psyche, we can expect to pass through turmoil and fear before we attain the balance and peace on the other side.

That last, if true, could be why I’m having trouble now with my meditation practice when it was going so swimmingly just last week.

So, today I’m quoting myself and inviting you to look at what else I wrote more than a year ago about Woodman’s book, perfection, and the quest for balance. It’s like my past self wrote a letter to my present self. Which is kind of cool.

It seems that, while I thought my Bold Plan for 2012 was a new direction, I’ve actually been traveling the same path all along. It’s just a very long path.

Book Review: Addiction to Perfection by Marion Woodman, Imperfect Happiness November 2010

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