Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

This is my photographic response to this week’s photo challenge by The Daily Post. I like taking photos, especially for this type of challenge. I find it leads me to see the world differently. And seeing the world differently is something I always find enriching.

6 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands”

    1. They are awesome, aren’t they? He’s in that limbo stage between “baby” and “real boy”. My 7yo daughter no longer has hand dimples. 😦 And she’s fixing to lose her two front teeth, which is incredibly bittersweet for me. It’s almost like I want to close my eyes and not watch all of the changes they’re getting ready to go through. But I’d feel bad if I missed them.


      1. that’s where the urge to keep having babies comes from I think. It’s deadly.
        I was so happy to see that my (just turning 5) year old daughter still has the elbow dimples.
        Lovely photographs like this one are our best comfort.


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