MA to DC Road Trip 2012 Day 4: The Mall

On Wednesday, we visited a different kind of mall: The Mall.

I’d promised the kids a reflecting pool, but it was torn up for renovations. They didn’t seem to mind. They like construction equipment.

We found a duck pond where my daughter herded ducks and my son threw sticks into the water. It was an incredible day. The weather was beautiful, my dad pushed the limits of the parking regulations and got neither ticketed nor booted nor towed, and my kids got a lot of exercise and got to see police horses.

Then my son fell asleep in his baby carrier on my back and we went to the Natural History Museum. My daughter read every single sign in the Mammals section, and I saw the Hope Diamond (just so I could say I’d seen it). We also paid extra to see the butterflies in their pavilion.

Butterfly on my daughter’s hat. She was thrilled to have a passenger!

You can see more photos (including the obligatory monument photos) on my Facebook Page.

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