Alexander the Great, Crochet Consultant

At my daughter’s request, I’m crocheting a sweater. It’s a cute striped pullover. Or rather, it will be a cute striped pullover. Right now it’s just two rhombuses and two rectangles with little tabs on top because I am terrified of joining crocheted pieces together.

I’ve tried whipstitch. I’ve tried slip stitch. I’ve tried single crochet. These all work fine when I’m joining row-to-row, top-to-bottom. But when I try to join the sides of crocheted fabric, I just end up with big holes and visible yarn, and I just want to cry.

This time, I brought in some help:


In case it’s not apparent, these are Alexander the Great and Hannibal, weighing in with their advice about how to join my crocheted sweater pieces. Hannibal clearly thinks I ought to use the crochet hook and try the slip-stitch or single-crochet joins again, while Alexander the Great seems to think that a short sword/dagger thing is a more appropriate tool.

As you might have guessed, the sweater is still in pieces. And I’ve fired the heroes of ancient history as fiber arts consultants.


    1. We had to buy itty-bitty fasteners for the ancient heroes’ joints. And of course, now I need a way to store the fasteners. *sigh*

      I wish they could just join the pieces for me.


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