Double-Duty Blog Post

I already posted today, but I didn’t do my ROW80 Midweek Check-in nor did I give the run-down of Day 3 of our Homeschool Fall Break. I probably could have put my ROW80 Midweek Check-in in that post, but it really wouldn’t have fit at all.


ROW80: I’ve only written once this week so far and that was on Sunday. I really don’t do well without a routine. Everything kind of falls apart. Which leads me to…

Homeschool Fall Break, Day 3: Everything’s kind of falling apart. I managed to post a 1,600-word blog post about kids in public places, baked popovers and “cupcakes” (actually oatmeal muffins. I tried to trick my kid into thinking they were cupcakes. It didn’t work. Probably because I omitted the sugar), and finished my daughter’s kangaroo costume (except the gloves and spats) while half-watching a History Channel documentary about the American Revolution. (Side-note on that: That would make a great drinking-game film if I ever re-enter the drinking-game stage of my life. If you took a drink every time they said, “rag-tag,” you’d be absolutely wasted before the second segment of the film. Is it a state law or a federal law that films and literature about the American Revolution must always describe the rebel army/militia as “rag-tag”?)

I did not, however, prepare anything remotely resembling a meal today. We ate popovers and cucumber slices and dry cereal. My kids watched a couple of hours of while I sewed. I did no dishes. I didn’t even get out of my pajamas (but I have a cold, so that’s my excuse). My daughter did do flute practice and a math lesson, though, so there’s that. And we played with Legos. And cleaned up cat vomit. It was a regular party here today, come to think of it.

Will I write tonight? If I had a Magic 8 Ball I could give you an answer to that one. Chances are I’ll just fall asleep with my toddler again. And that’s totally fine by me.

Popovers. Gluten-free and dairy-free, but I didn’t need to modify them for high altitude baking this time!
Oatmeal “cupcakes.”
My blender modeling the hood of the kangaroo costume. It reminds me of the rabbit in the movie Donnie Darko.



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