If You Give a Toddler a Whiteboard…

Last week, my daughter and I were doing a math lesson about lines of symmetry.

On the whiteboard I drew a rhombus, and in the rhombus my daughter drew two lines of symmetry.

“A kite!” said my three-year-old as he grabbed the marker and drew a line down from the rhombus:


Then he started drawing a woman (he said) to fly the kite. When he had finished the picture, his sister pointed out that the woman had a beard. My son stared at the picture for a moment before declaring it a man and asking me to draw his arms and legs, which I did, along with another kite string:


Yesterday as we were sitting down to do math again, my son declared that he would teach Sister her math lesson. So she and I sat and watched as he drew this:


“What’s the math lesson?” we asked him.

“It’s three guys,” he answered. And that’s all he would say (I don’t know what that thing in the lower left is).

It’s possible the lesson was just how to draw arms and legs on very happy faces, which he’d apparently learned how to do since the kite picture. I don’t know what my son intended, but I’ll tell you what: those three guys kind of freak me out. What are they so happy about?

I fully expect them to be in my nightmares.

6 Replies to “If You Give a Toddler a Whiteboard…”

  1. It’s funny how they are all looking slightly to the left. At the blobby little creature, maybe?


    1. I hadn’t noticed that before. Maybe it’s the blobby creature I should be worried about…


    1. I wouldn’t say it’s creepier, just informative. If it comes down to some kind of battle, I’ll know who to trust…or not. šŸ™‚


  2. I’ll agree, they’re a little creepy. But aren’t the first ‘people’ that your kids draw so special? You’ll have to get him to draw them on paper so you have something to keep šŸ™‚


    1. Oh, there are plenty of creepy toddler-drawn people staring at us from the fridge right now, including “people without eyes,” which he loves to draw. They’re people who had eyes until he colored over them. That may well be creepier than these happy “guys.”

      And thanks for the comment!


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