Pants-Optional Church

I had to go early to church for choir practice today, so I took the car leaving my husband to get the kids ready and follow by bicycle.

After choir practice, I sought out my family so we could regroup and head to the service. Willing myself not to worry, I got into a light conversation about books while I anxiously watched the empty bike rack and tried not to imagine all of the horrible things that could have happened to my family on their way to church. Finally, with two minutes to spare before service, someone came in and announced that my husband and children had arrived.

I met my husband just as he’d settled our son in with the teens working in the nursery and together we ushered our daughter over to the meeting house. Sitting in the pew, I noticed something odd about my daughter’s apparel.

“Did you know you’re only wearing a shirt and a pair of tights?” I whispered to her.

My seven-year-old looked at me, looked down at her legs, then whispered back unconcerned, “Oh. I meant to put on a skirt, but I forgot.”

The skirt that was left behind.

12 Replies to “Pants-Optional Church”

  1. hahahah oh no, poor thing!! I hope she wasn’t too humiliated! I’m sure your husband was kicking himself for not noticing!


    1. It didn’t faze her at all. Luckily they were thick winter tights, almost leggings (but not quite and with visible seams at the top). My husband was kicking himself…but we were also laughing pretty hard, too.


      1. Sounds like an awesome 7-year old to not be fazed. I love it! And you know, some of the “pants” that women wear into public nowadays are really just tights anyway. I feel like telling them the same thing you told your daughter “you know you are just wearing a shirt and tights, right??” haha! So I’m sure nobody even noticed! I would have been laughing pretty hard, too!


  2. The other day I tried on some pants, and they looked awesome on me. In my excitement, I actually unlocked the door of the changing room and started turning the knob before I realized that, yes, I had no pants on….so, you know, it’s not just kids ;). But I admire your daughter’s confidence–other kids would not have reacted so nonchalantly…


    1. Yes, wardrobe issues don’t bother her, but she’s brought to tears when someone asks her what grade she’s in. So, there’s balance, I suppose.

      I think changing rooms are especially dangerous. I feel like I’ve already crossed a line by undressing in a public place (albeit in a cubicle with a door/curtain); it seems like anything is possible after that.


    1. Oh, no! It seems skirts are easier to forget than I’d imagined they were! I’ve gone out in my slippers before without realizing it, but so far I’ve not forgotten skirt/pants.


    1. When you think about it, it really is quite easy to just forget the skirt. Especially with thicker winter tights. Thanks for the comment!


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