Living History

“Daddy, what’s that?”


“Oh! I know! It’s what they used to shred cheese in the olden days!”

Old Sturbridge Village, Colonial Williamsburg, Greenfield Village…and our house.

2 Replies to “Living History”

  1. I am curious, CJ… If not a cheese shredder, I wonder about the tool your son or daughter assumes for shredding cheese in modern times? CHOOSE ONE:

    (a) Just toss a brick in the food processor
    (b) Lasers
    (c) Cows deliver cheese in 2 varieties: brick or shredded
    (d) No one eats shredded cheese any more. Our pizzas are topped with Soylent Green from big factories.
    (e) Everyone is lactose intolerant, so it doesn’t matter


    1. Well, a is the one that’s actually true, but I like e. (Although aged cheddar has little to no lactose.)


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