Nemo 2013: How to Prepare for the Blizzard of the Century

There are probably many things that one can do to prepare for a nor’easter, and many more that one can do to prepare for what may well end up being the next Storm of the Century (or at the very least the biggest blizzard since 1978). Here’s what we decided to do to get ready for Nemo and the two to three feet of snow and widespread power outages that are supposed to come with it:

1) Think about going shopping and then don’t. We thought about going out for groceries Thursday, but our car was in the shop getting new rotors and spreading rumors among the mechanics that we need a new catalytic converter, so we back-burnered the grocery shopping idea. Plus, we’ve got corn chips and lots of nuts and sunflower seeds and peanut butter. We’ll be fine, I’m sure.

2) Clean. Whenever there’s something that requires preparation—a birthday, a wedding, a visit from the plumber, or, apparently, a blizzard—I feel a need to clean. I’ve wiped down the fronts of the appliances and cupboards, scrubbed the kitchen floor, swept and dusted the whole house, done all of the laundry, and cleaned out my diaper bag and two purses (how on earth did I end up with two purses anyway?). Once I clean out the car, we’ll be ready for Nemo.

3) Bake. Since we decided not to go grocery shopping, I figured I’d convert some of our ingredients that require cooking into foods that require neither refrigeration nor extra cooking. So I made (GF) granola and (GF, vegan) brownies.

Blizzard Granola
Blizzard Granola
Blizzard Brownies
Blizzard Brownies: I added walnuts. The kids were pretty sure I was trying to poison them. More brownies for me and my spouse.

This is what we’ve done, but your results may vary. You may even choose to do something practical, like fueling up the generator, stocking up on firewood, or stockpiling canned goods, and that’s fine. The key is to stay busy so you don’t check the ALL CAPS WEATHER UPDATES every ten minutes. You know what it’s going to say: we’re all in danger, this is the worst storm ever, here are pictures of people watching snow fall. (And, of course, by “you” I mean “I.”) I figure, why bother looking? I’d rather wear myself out baking brownies.

How are you planning to weather the storm?

6 Replies to “Nemo 2013: How to Prepare for the Blizzard of the Century”

    1. It should be linked to the word “brownies” in the post. If it’s not working, let me know and I’ll re-link it. I made it a second time, this time without nuts. It’s fudgier if you cook it for the shorter time listed in the recipe. I like fudgier brownies, but cake-y brownies are nice, too.


      1. Oh got it, thanks!!! I’m deathly allergic to egg so I NEVER get to eat brownies. Cannot wait to try these!!

        Glad you and the fam stayed safe in the blizzard!


      2. Well, as long as you’re not also allergic to almonds, these should help relieve your brownie troubles. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. We prepare by thinking about buying milk, but not. Thinking I should vaccum the whole house before we lose electricity, but not. And by going to the library to make sure everyone has plenty of reading material.


    1. Oh, yes! The library! We just went on Wednesday, so I didn’t even think of that one, but it’s a definite must. Milk was just what I thought I ought to get at the grocery store, and I don’t even drink milk. I’ve not yet figured out why milk is always the first thing I think of when bad weather approaches, but it’s good to know I’m not alone.


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