Nemo 2013: Send in the Plows

Around 3:30 this afternoon, I heard a rumbling in the distance that heralded the first snow plow visit of Winter Storm Nemo.

With three inches on the ground, we decided it was time to follow suit and do our first round of shoveling so we’d have 33 inches of snow to shovel tomorrow instead of 36. We got the kids all bundled up and they took turns pretending to be stranded in the snow while my spouse and I pushed snow back and forth across the driveway.

“Mommy! I’m stuck!” shouted one, arms outstretched for help. We’d get that one righted and the other one would take an intentional spill.

“Mommy! Help me up!” All I needed to do to “help them up” was get close enough to hold their hand. They’d then kindly meet me halfway by standing up before I’d even touched them.

And of course, by the time we got to the end of the driveway, we already had another quarter-inch of accumulation. But we did get to make snow cream (snow + maple syrup + milk (optional), or snow + powdered sugar + vanilla + milk).


2 Replies to “Nemo 2013: Send in the Plows”

  1. I can’t even imagine that much snow. Where I live, they are giving severe thunderstorms this weekend and that alone is enough to drive everyone indoors for days. I am sending good thoughts your way this weekend.


    1. Thanks for the good thoughts! I feel a little weird making fun of our blizzard situation, but I’d rather make light of it than freak out. Regardless, we’re just going to have to ride it out, especially now that our governor has banned all travel throughout the state for the duration of the storm.

      Good luck weathering your thunderstorms. I’m not a big fan of those. I always worry they’re going to turn into tornadoes.


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