Nemo 2013: After the Storm

This morning sun came out, the snow sparkled, and we got a great 1.5-hour workout shoveling the driveway and porch steps. We did not lose electricity, and we have nowhere we need to be. We’re pretty happy and cozy…except for a little cabin fever. But that’s just the kids.


The progress of the storm, as seen from our toy room window (sorry it’s so quiet; I didn’t want to take the time to find music that I was allowed to use).

2 Replies to “Nemo 2013: After the Storm”

    1. You know, the shoveling wasn’t so bad. Thinking about it made it worse, so I tried not to think about it. It really was a great workout and I felt great afterwards. But when my spouse offered to shovel a path to the compost bin while the kids and I watched a documentary about oceans, I didn’t try to stop him.


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