Your Idea, My Post

You’re all familiar with the regular features on my blog: the periodic book reviews, the monthly Weekly Photo Challenges, the randomly timed snippets of my children’s conversations, the yearly spate of homeschooling posts, the sporadic recipe post, the rare and dramatically unpopular poll.

Hoping to branch out and flex my writing muscles a bit, I’ve decided to add a new feature:

The Reader’s Request Post

The name pretty much says it all, but to clarify…

  • You, the reader, will submit a topic or prompt, and I will base a blog post on it, crediting you as the originator of the idea.
  • I will title each post, “Reader’s Request Post: [Descriptive Subtitle],” tag it “Reader’s Request,” place it in the Reader’s Request Category, and link to it on the “Reader’s Request” Page (when it’s created).
  • The frequency of these posts will depend on the number and frequency of responses I get and how long it takes me to write each post. I’m betting that some posts will take a very short period of time to write while others will require some amount of research, editing, and, well, effort. I could see this being a weekly feature or a monthly feature or a quarterly feature or one that appears once and never shows up again. Really anything’s possible.

By now, my expert marketing skills have left you saying, “Wow! What a great idea and unique honor to be featured in such a way on a personal blog with a moderately sized readership! How can I get in on this?”

Here’s the simple Three-Step Process to see your idea in my words:

  • Think of an idea you’d like to read about.
  • Send me your idea in the comments on this post, in the comments on the Reader’s Request Page (once it’s up), or via the Drop Me a Line contact form.
  • Wait for your post to be published.


  • Comment and let me know how I did representing your idea.

This feature is in its test phase, so please let me know if there are details I’ve left out or questions I’ve left unanswered. If I’ve told you everything you need to know, then get to it, and send me your idea(s)!

5 Replies to “Your Idea, My Post”

  1. I’d like to hear your thoughts on child spacing, how you decided on the spacing between your two children, whether or not you’re planning on having more, and how you came to that decision. How’s that for nosey?


    1. I like that kind of nosey! I could totally do a post about child spacing. I shall put it on my list!


  2. A good post which will get more reblogging and higher reviews is to chose numbers of new authors with noticeable and interesting books to feature, and you will get more followers too. You can spice it up with fun and funny questions that readers will enjoy reading about. Example: what fictional character you would like to make out with? 🙂
    Another idea for a post is to chose a blogger you follow or who follows you and interview him or her about why she or he blogs? What was the start? Which blogger you would like to make out with? Lol ok, I took it too far with the make out thing, but you get the idea.
    I hope these two ideas are good 🙂


    1. I like the blogger interview idea. That’s a fun one that helps build the social aspect of blogging a bit, deepening the blogger/follower relationship. It also would get me outside of my comfort zone…I tend to feel more comfortable responding to people than initiating conversation.

      I’m not quite sure what you mean with the first idea. Is the suggestion to focus on new authors/books, or to specifically highlight the author herself/himself rather than just their book(s)?


      1. Glad you liked it. And as for the first idea, you can chose either, the main idea is that you write a post about someone you are sure he or she will share


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