Reader’s Request: Child Spacing and Family Size

My friend Stacy (of Sanity for Stacy) suggested this topic for a Reader’s Request post. Stacy wrote, “I’d like to hear your thoughts on child spacing, how you decided on the spacing between your two children, whether or not you’re planning on having more, and how you came to that decision.” So, this is that post.Continue reading “Reader’s Request: Child Spacing and Family Size”

Your Idea, My Post

You’re all familiar with the regular features on my blog: the periodic book reviews, the monthly Weekly Photo Challenges, the randomly timed snippets of my children’s conversations, the yearly spate of homeschooling posts, the sporadic recipe post, the rare and dramatically unpopular poll. Hoping to branch out and flex my writing muscles a bit, I’veContinue reading “Your Idea, My Post”