Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

This is my photographic response to this week’s photo challenge by The Daily Post. I like taking photos, especially for this type of challenge. I find it leads me to see the world differently. And seeing the world differently is something I always find enriching.

This is a sign left under a basement light switch by the previous owners of our home. I find the whole thing delightful, from the fact that it’s a notecard stuck crookedly onto the faux-wood panelling with a push-pin, to the misspelling, to the underlining of the word “switch.” I’d thought of penning my own replacement sign, but I would miss this one too much.


7 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says”

    1. It’s meant to be “de-icing.” If you’re unfamiliar with de-icing cables (as I was until I moved to Massachusetts), they’re cables installed on the edge of the roof of a house that heat up and prevent meltwater from refreezing and causing ice dams, which can damage the roof. Some of the earliest European settlers here declared New England “uninhabitable.” There are times when I’m inclined to agree.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


      1. I won’t be jealous, though…I’ve heard about the spiders you all have there!


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