Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


When I saw this week’s photo challenge topic, I immediately thought of this photo of my son on the playground near the beach in Saco, Maine, last fall. I feel a little sick to my stomach just looking at it, but he had a blast.



  1. SPFischer · June 16, 2014

    Fantastic shot! Though it’s one I would never attempt – spinning and queasiness go hand-in-hand for me 🙂


  2. Elizabeth · May 27, 2014

    It’s a great shot, but from where did you take it?


    • Charity · May 27, 2014

      He was in this little spinning cup type thing that was pretty low to the ground. I just stood over him and pointed the camera down toward him as he spun. The kid could stand a lot of spinning, so I had ample time to get the shot.


  3. It’s funny how much spinning and twirling and twisting can bring joy and laughter and giggles to our little ones! Thank heavens for simple joys 🙂


  4. Erwin · May 27, 2014

    Great shot of the twist


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