Why I Didn’t Answer When You Called

CIMG2907The reasons I will tell you:

I was exercising.

I was in the bathroom.

I forgot to charge my phone.

We had guests over.

You just missed me.

The reasons I won’t tell you:

I was in the middle of a crossword puzzle.

I didn’t feel like talking.

I couldn’t find the phone.

My coffee had just reached the perfect temperature, and a moment’s delay would have ruined the whole thing.

Children were screaming at each other.

I wasn’t yet to the point that I was seeking an excuse to keep me from exercising.

I had peanut butter/honey/soapy water/bread dough/raw eggs/bodily excretions on my hands.

My four-year-old just had a mishap with glue, scissors, markers, paint, milk and/or library books.

We were doing homeschool and if I’d walked away, when I got back I would have had to search for my daughter until I found her hiding beneath the stairs or under a comforter, reading a book by the light of her headlamp.

I was stuck getting into or out of my sports bra.

I was writing a list of reasons I wasn’t answering the phone.

9 Replies to “Why I Didn’t Answer When You Called”

  1. Ha! I often miss calls because I can’t find my phone. Great list.


    1. My spouse has this problem, too. He once lost his phone because he turned it off and then left it in his pocket…and it fell out. We found it after about a day, but he’s very careful about where he sets his phone when he turns it off now.


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