Weekly Walk 21

Nine weeks after the winter solstice and about nine hours before some big old thunderstorms, we had a chilly, rainy hike.


It was 36°F and drizzly when we headed out. Mostly the trail was clear.


But there were a few treacherous parts that had us going very slowly either due to mud or to water-covered ice (or both).


We said goodbye to the ice on the creek.


Goodbye, ice on the river.


About halfway through the hike, it really started to pour.


Dry inside our rain suits, it was fun to watch the raindrops on the river and the beaver pond.


What season will it be when we hike next week, I wonder?






5 Replies to “Weekly Walk 21”

    1. Thank you! Your photo is more crisp than mine, and the color is so rich! (A little sunlight probably would have helped mine. And a clearer focus.)

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