Corner-to-Corner Road Trip: Day 1

Central Massachusetts to Northeast Ohio (via Pennsylvania, pictured below) Distance: 621 miles of 3,156 total miles (19.6%) Driving Time: 12 hours (should have been closer to 9.5) Temperature Range: -1°F to 23°F Miles remaining: 2,535 For those who might have missed our previous cross-country road trip, here’s Day One of our move from Utah toContinue reading “Corner-to-Corner Road Trip: Day 1”

Weekly Walk 20

This week—eight weeks after the winter solstice—we took a bonus hike to experience both the near-record low temperatures followed by near-record highs two days later. First, the cold hike, which took place on Valentine’s Day. The thermometer read -15°F when I got up that morning, but it was a balmy 6°F when we went hiking in theContinue reading “Weekly Walk 20”