Corner-to-Corner Road Trip: Day 1

Central Massachusetts to Northeast Ohio (via Pennsylvania, pictured below)

Distance: 621 miles of 3,156 total miles (19.6%)

Driving Time: 12 hours (should have been closer to 9.5)

Temperature Range: -1°F to 23°F

Miles remaining: 2,535

For those who might have missed our previous cross-country road trip, here’s Day One of our move from Utah to Massachusetts in June 2011.

4 Replies to “Corner-to-Corner Road Trip: Day 1”

  1. Wishing you safe journeys my friend. Love and a wonderful 2018 wish! xo


  2. So glad you’re safe. I was worried after seeing the news this morning about the awful traffic problems in PA yesterday.

    Missing you all more than I have words to express.

    Stay safe. Have fun. Happy New Year.


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    1. The photo in the post was nearly the worst of it. Most of the time it was the kind of light snowfall that deceives drivers into thinking it’s safe to drive as usual. We saw around a dozen single-car accidents, many of which were rollovers. But although the drive was slow, we were lucky that we made it safely.

      We are missing you so very much, too. But I won’t go into that right now or I’ll cry. Our cat is also missing you. Or at least your dogless home.


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