Chocolate: The Tastiest Surprise

Today I looked through a cupboard I look through multiple times a day, but this time, I found a surprise:

A single-serving packet of drinking chocolate that I vaguely remember buying.

It is possible this packet of drinking chocolate traveled with us when we moved from Utah nearly five years ago.

I did the only thing I could think of to do with chocolate than might be more than a half-decade old: I prepared it as directed and drank it.

It was sublime.

Unfortunately, the company seems no longer to make this drinking chocolate, so now I’m hooked and have to go on a quest to find another way to make a rich, chocolatey beverage with just a little bit of chili-pepper kick. This situation might call for a road trip to French Broad Chocolate Lounge. (It takes the merest of excuses for me to start planning a trip to Asheville, North Carolina.)


4 Replies to “Chocolate: The Tastiest Surprise”

    1. No kidding! I’ve been thinking about that chocolatey drink since last night. I really need to find a way to replicate it…quickly.


  1. If you come to ashville let me know. We’re close enough to drive now and would love to visit


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