Weekly Walk 25

For our first hike after the vernal equinox, it was 42°F and windy with just a bit of snow left on the ground from our first-day-of-spring snow showers.


The hike itself was pretty straightforward.


No birds of prey, no muskrats, no ice. We met up with two sweater-clad dogs and their human companions, but aside from that, it was pretty quiet.


My son pretended to fish with a stick. He would hold the needle end of a pine branch in the creek for a moment or two and then lift it dripping from the water and proclaim, “Wow! Look at all of the fish I caught! We can eat all week with this many fish!”


Some of the other sights:

New leaves on the invasive and wickedly-thorned barberry.


A feather. (“I think it’s from a water fowl!” said my daughter.)


The doorway to someone’s home.


Lycopodium (clubmoss) in snow.


Even though it feels like spring has fully sprung, we still have two months until we usually plant the vegetable garden. I can’t remember what usually happens between late March and late May. After this weirdly mild winter, I suppose it makes sense to start spring with few expectations and just see what the season brings.

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